Beach Essentials

We offer many great add on packages including the essential Beach package, food, yoga, kayaking, hiking, and paddle boarding packages.

Why is it a good idea to add the Beach Package?

Ibiza has over 80 beaches dotted around the island. As the temperature rises in the Summer months it’s essential you keep cool and protected while you have fun in the sun! The beach Package includes all the essentials; a UV parasol, large Ibizan beach blanket, beach cushions, beach towels, high factor sun cream, beach games, bluetooth speaker, and full-face snorkel masks presented in an easy to carry wicker basket.

Breathe easy with our full-face snorkel masks

Thanks to the 180° panoramic view provides perfect visibility. Fogging is totally eliminated thanks to a double air flow. To stop water from entering the snorkel, the Easybreath mask is equipped with a mechanism that seals the top of the snorkel when submerged. The submerged part of the snorkel is coloured orange, making it more visible.

Underwater world for everyone to enjoy

The full-face masks make it possible for everyone to experience the underwater world of Ibiza.

Breathe easy and naturally as you skim the surface of the turquoise sparkling waters feeding the many shoals of fish in the shallow warm waters.

The Beach package costs from just £79 based on 2 adults to hire for 1 week. Providing you with all the fun, and you can pack lighter!

A great addition to your holiday!

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