Ibiza Stonehenge

Ibiza Stonehenge (also known as the ‘Time and space’ sculpture) is made up of 13 stone columns in a circular shape on the edge of the cliffs above the tiny beach Cala Llentia. The central column towers above at over 20 meters tall topped with 24 carat gold leaf!

It is often referred to as Ibiza Stonehenge due to its similarity to the iconic British Landmark.

Who created it?

Ibiza Stonehenge is still raising questions regarding its purpose and meaning. The Sculpture was commissioned by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte and created by Australian artist Andrew Rogers.

Space Clown 

Guy Laliberte was the seventh person in the world to be sent into orbit as a Space Tourist and did so wearing a red nose, becoming the world’s first Space Clown.

Enter Ibiza stonehenge 

Pass through 2 ancient wooden doors which lead you to Ibiza stonehenge. Entering through the doors is believed to be a cleansing of your soul and entering a new chapter in your life.

How to get there

Easy to get to , drive towards Cala Conta or Cala Tarida and then follow signs to smaller Cala Codolar, you can park at the beach where there are toilets and a small beach bar serving snacks and drinks. Just a short walk up the hills south you will find stonehenge. There is some limited parking on the same level as the monument if walking up hill is a struggle for some.

Ideal picnic spot 

You certainly won’t find many people here, it is still undiscovered by many,  a great spot for a picnic with magnificent views and then pop down to the tiny beach cala llentia for a cool dip!


Some claim they have saw UFOs hovering above, some think its just a sun dial, still it has never been confirmed exactly what it was for!

Visit this Ibiza wonder and tell us what you think!

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