Terms and Conditions/ Rental Contract

These terms and conditions express a commercial agreement between the Hirer/client and the equipment rental company. These terms together with the Reservation and Hire agreement (given to the Hirer on collection of a hired item) will combine to form the entire hire contract.

1. ”IBIZAbugz means Project LM Ltd, trade name and registered in the UK, company Reg. 09423337, 4 Manor Crescent, Liverpool L25 8RA, England.

2. ‘Hirer’ means the person or persons nominated as the hirer under the heading ‘Hire Details’ on the Hire Agreement, and /or person or persons whose driving license retains a copy of and/or any person whose credit card is presented in payment of charges.

3. ‘Vehicle’ or ‘Hire Vehicle’ means any form of transport supplied to the Hirer.

4. ‘Items of Hire’ means any item supplied to the Hirer that is not a form of transport.

5. Any changes to this agreement must be in writing and must be signed by suitably authorised signatories on behalf of and the Hirer. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other oral undertakings, warranties or agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms & Conditions and any other literature, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply.

6. IBIZAbugz reserves the right to vary rates and conditions at any time and the right to deny potential hirers should they consider the hirer and guests to be unsuitable for the type of experience provided.

7. The Vehicle and its equipment and additional hire equipment remains the property of IBIZAbugz at all times.

8. All payments made to or by can be made in euros (EUR) or pounds sterling (GBP). The rate for any euro to sterling exchange conversion is provided either by the clearing bank through which the transaction is conducted and based on their spot rate or by rates supplied by xe.com at the time of the transaction. Any additional hire items can be paid in euros and in cash at the time of Vehicle collection. Payment is taken via credit/debit cards or direct bank transfer to the Company Bank account. The hirer is responsible for any payment/bank charges. IBIZAbugz reserves the right to refuse hire to any person without explanation or prior warning.

9. The Hirer acknowledges that IBIZAbugz retains title to Items of Hire and that the Hirer possesses the goods as a mere bailee only. The Hirer does not have any right to pledge credit in connection with the Items of Hire and agrees not to do so, and shall not agree, attempt, offer or purport to sell, assign, sublet, lend, pledge, mortgage, let on hire, or otherwise part with or attempt to part with the personal possession of or otherwise deal with the Items of Hire.

10. Reservations can only be secured when IBIZAbugz has received a reservation form via the website or email through social media. Full payment of the camper van rental charge is required.

11. Cancellations must be in writing and are charged as follows: If you cancel your holiday 28 days before start of Hire: 50% of total hire charge. Cancellation less than 28 days before start of hire or no show: 100% of total hire charge. IBIZAbugz reserves the right to cancel the Hire if at the commencement of the Hire the Driver’s licence(s) is invalid or is not in accordance with the conditions set out herein. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited.

12. Personal Travel Insurance: This is the responsibility of the hirer and we do not cover personal items, belongings or personal injury in the event of an accident.

13. Availability: Every effort is made to ensure that the Hire Vehicle reserved is available. If, due to circumstances beyond control the reserved Hire Vehicle is not available, we reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative. The alternative vehicle shall not entitle the Hirer to any refund and does not constitute a breach of this Agreement. If an alternative is not available the liability of IBIZAbugz will be limited to the refund of any monies paid by the Hirer and the Hirer will have no further claim of any kind against IBIZAbugz.

14. Short term breaks are permitted but are subject to change at the discretion of in order to co-ordinate reservations for peak periods and national and public holidays.

15. Liabilities: The Hirer shall be responsible for all costs and fines incurred because of offences against the Road Traffic Acts and/or regulations of the jurisdiction in which the Vehicle is used by the Hirer, including speeding and parking tickets. The Hirer shall ensure that the driver and all passengers required by law to do so shall, when the Hire Vehicle is being driven, wear the seat belts provided. In the case of an accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of the Hire Vehicle (including theft of the Hire Vehicle), the Hirer must notify by phone within 2 hours of the event and provide in writing the names and addresses of all third parties and witnesses involved, report the event to the police immediately (and obtain crime number where relevant), not admit any liability to third parties or accept any offer of settlement or other offer. The Hirer will assist in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending Court to give evidence if required. The Hirer shall immediately send to any Writ of Summons or Summons or other document relating to any claim or proceedings arising out of any accident to. The Hirer is responsible for the full cost of Vehicle replacement in the event of its theft if they are unable to return the Vehicle’s keys within 24hrs of any such theft to.

16. Terminating the Agreement: The Hirer acknowledges that may terminate the Agreement and repossess Items of Hire at any time without reference to the Hirer if: The Hirer breaches the Agreement in any way; The Hire Vehicle has been obtained through fraud or misrepresentation; The Hire Vehicle appears to have been abandoned; The Hire Vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date or reasonably believes that the Hire Vehicle will not be returned on the agreed return date; reasonably considers that the safety of the passengers and / or the condition of the Hire Vehicle is endangered; The Hirer will have no right to any refund the Security Deposit in the event of any termination or repossession; a. Insurance: The Hirer is provided with insurance for the duration of the Hire period only. Hirers should note that they are not covered by insurance should the hire vehicle not be returned to at the stipulated date. The Hirer is insured for damage to the hire vehicle and property with comprehensive / third party insurance. In the event of any damage to the vehicle the Hirer will be responsible for the first £750. The following are not covered by insurance: Any personal injury as a result of an accident, personal travel insurance is required for that; Personal effects within or from the vehicle (again, obtain your own travel insurance for your personal valuables and belongings); Windscreen & tyre damage; Loss/damage/theft to the radio, stereo equipment, supplied/included technology, aerials, bike carriers, roof rack accessories.; Interior damage, including burns to seats, flooring and living or cooking equipment, window blinds or curtains, elevating roof, any equipment on hire; any consequential expenses or additional costs incurred in hiring alternative vehicles, late arrival, missed ferries, accommodation, travel expenses or any third party claims in connection with a breakdown or accident. The Hirer shall be liable to pay the full cost of repair of any damage, which the hire vehicle may suffer as the result of the wilful or negligent action of the Hirer. B. Any hire vehicle hired may only be driven by the Hirer and/or agreed additional Drivers who have been accepted by and their Insurance Company. All named Drivers must be over 28 and under 75 years of age and have held a full EU/UK license or other approved equivalent. A valid international drivers permit must accompany other national driving licenses. The price quoted on the reservation form includes insurance cover for only those who submit their license to upon vehicle collection. Any additional surcharges due to, for example: driver’s age, history of endorsements within the last five years, history of accidents, physical/mental defects, refused motor insurance record, motor convictions; additional drivers will be advised by on receipt of the completed booking form, and any additional costs will be payable in advance with the final balance. a. Limited Distance: There is no limited mileage or distance, but there is a recommended distance of 50 kilometres in one journey cruising at 80-90 km/hr (50-55mph) with a minimum engine ‘cool down’ period of 1 hour. We strongly advice against driving more than 50 kilometres during the heat of the day between 1pm and 4pm when the weather is hot. This is because the engines are ‘air cooled’ and rely on the air to cool the oil temperature. The Hirer is liable for damage to the engine resulting from over revving or overheating. Identification Documents: The following must be supplied at your vehicle briefing session in order to validate insurance and the hire agreement. Valid driving license: Non-EU/UK/Swiss license holders must possess a valid International Driving Permit, available online. Valid passport/ identification card. Hire Deposit: IBIZAbugz reserves the right to hold up to £750 credit card pre-authorization (Debit Card not accepted), which covers the insurance excess, security, damage and cleaning deposit and is held against a valid credit card at the time of collection, if hirer does not have a valid credit card, then the vehicle shall not be released and a refund will not be given. (F) If the hire vehicle is returned in good condition (subject to inspection) clean, whole and undamaged, then no further payments will be taken. Should the condition of the hire item be otherwise, then repairs, replacements, refuelling, or cleaning costs will be charged against the credit card provided at time of hire, with a time rate of £50/hour for any work or refuelling that is required. (G) Breakdown: In the event of a breakdown or an accident a breakdown service is at the disposal of the Hirer, details of which will be given at the start of the Hire period. The Hirer acknowledges that although has made every effort to ensure that the vehicle is kept regularly serviced and is supplied in full working order, breakdowns can occur from time to time. IBIZAbugz is not responsible for any consequential expenses or additional costs incurred in hiring alternative vehicles, late arrival, missed ferries, accommodation, travel expenses or any third-party claims in connection with a breakdown or accident. The Hirer will be charged for anything that is deemed by to be a driver-induced error (e.g. running out of fuel, wrong type of fuel, locking keys inside the vehicle, losing keys, damaged keys, engine over heating/over revving or driving with un-due consideration for vehicle and its age.) In the event of the breakdown service being unable to repair the vehicle, IBIZAbugz will endeavour to supply a replacement vehicle, subject to availability and location of the Hirer at the time of breakdown. Failing that IBIZAbugz will transport the Hirer to the start or end point of the Hire and pay a pro rata refund to the Hirer within 45 days. (H) Collection and Return: Your hire vehicle will normally be ready for collection between 13h and 16h and returns are between 10h and 12h midday on the relevant days at the location previously agreed with the hirer and IBIZAbugz. If the hire vehicle is returned late (i.e. outside the agreed times), the Hirer will be surcharged at the rate of 50 euros per hour or part thereof together with any additional costs incurred by (e.g. compensation to the next Hirer.) If you find you are unable to collect the hire vehicle at the agreed times, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try to be available outside these hours.

No refund is given for an early return of the hire vehicle for any reason, (e.g. accident, weather or theft). Where hire vehicles have been arranged to be delivered to / collected from the Hirer, times and details shall be previously arranged and agreed by The Hirer shall be given the opportunity to check the hire vehicle for defects and shall notify of any obvious defects before commencing the Hire. The Hirer is advised to check the hire vehicle thoroughly before signing the Hire Agreement. The breakdown or malfunction of equipment after the hire vehicle has left the premises will not be accepted as reason to abort or cancel the Hire Agreement, and any such fault will be rectified as soon as possible. Any accidental damage caused to a hire vehicle by the Hirer once covered by the Hire Agreement but still on premises shall be deemed as the Hirer’s responsibility. The Hirer is responsible for returning the hire vehicle at the same agreed fuel level as at the start of the Hire period. Should a full-to-full policy be agreed, the hirer is required to return vehicle full or an administration charge of £50 (plus the cost for missing fuel) will be taken from the pre-authorisation credit card provided. The vehicles should only be given Unleaded Petrol 95 or 98. (i) The Hirer shall ensure that the Vehicle is returned as clean as at the start of Hire. Upon return, a representative will check the hire vehicle for damage, cleanliness, fuel level, condition of the tyres, windscreen, bumpers, roof lights, mirrors, doors and internal habitation equipment, (J) Cleaning: IBIZAbugz will make the following charges for additional cleaning: £50 for the cleaning of stained, dirty, un-tidy interior. £112.50 for a very dirty interior or exterior. Please note that the hire vehicles have a fragile paint finish. They must NEVER be taken through a car wash, or washed using a pressure wash. Should this be ignored, damage to paintwork and the resulting damage repair amount quoted by a specialist vehicle expert shall be passed on in full to the Hirer. £112.50 charge will be levied if the no smoking clause has been ignored. Please consider that the next customer may be collecting the hire vehicle within hours of your return time. (K) Pets: The Hirer will not allow any animals to be carried in the hired vehicle unless agreed in writing by before travel. The Hirer acknowledges that any damage, repair costs or extra valeting costs caused by a pet in the items of hire must be paid for in full. (L) Fuel, oil, water, tyres and gas: IBIZAbugz warrants that hire vehicles are roadworthy, licensed and taxed and that all appropriate checks are carried out before commencement of the Hire period. The hire vehicles use ordinary unleaded petrol or the green 95/98’ in Spain, The Hirer will be liable if the incorrect fuel type is used. The Hirer is responsible for the regular checking of oil at every 150km and will top up the oil with the supply issued by IBIZAbugz. In the event the spare oil runs out the Hirer will purchase 20W50 mineral engine oil and retain receipts for reimbursement by IBIZAbugz. The Hirer agrees that the tyres on the Vehicle are visibly sound and within legal limits. For any reimbursement of punctures the Hirer must retain appropriate receipts.

17. 18. 19. Release and Indemnity of; Subject to its obligation to deliver the Items of Hire or appropriate substitute Items of Hire, the Hirer releases, its employees and agents, from any liability for any loss or damage incurred by the Hirer by reason of this Agreement, including but not limited to:

20. Any loss or damage caused by breakdown, mechanical defect or the Items of Hire being unsuitable for any purpose. a. Any loss or damage to any property left in or on the Vehicle and or Items of Hire, in any service Vehicle or on any premises or recovered or handled by, subject to any insurance arrangements agreed with , the Hirer hereby indemnifies and shall keep indemnified , its employees and agents against any claims, demands and expenses (including legal costs) incurred or sustained by them or any of them by reason of the Hirers use and/or possession of the Items of Hire.

21. The Hirer is liable for ensuring that the named Driver(s) complies with the following obligations. He or she (A) Shall not drive the Vehicle in other than in a cautious, prudent and normal manner or a manner which could cause harm to the Vehicle or fail to take into consideration the Vehicle’s age. (B) Shall not lend or hire the Vehicle to a third-party (C) Shall not tow any trailer or Vehicle with the Hire Vehicle unless supplied by (D) Shall not carry more passengers than the permitted capacity of the Hire Vehicle (either Two or Five persons depending on vehicle) Hirer will be made aware of this at time of collection and agree to these terms. (E) Shall not use the Hire Vehicle for carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward. (F) Shall not move the Hire Vehicle without the written consent of out of Ibiza. (G) Shall not use the Hire Vehicle for or in conjunction with any race, competition, and trial or for hire or reward, or on non-paved or sealed roads, or park or drive on any beach. (H) Shall not allow the Vehicle to be damaged by submersion or contact with salt or fresh water (i) Shall restrict the Vehicle’s movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, or any other reasonable cause. (J) Shall be responsible for the costs of recovery for the Vehicle if has become bogged down or rendered immobile on unsuitable road surfaces (K) Shall not carry volatile liquids or gases (other than the LPG canisters provided with the Hire Vehicle), explosives or other corrosive or flammable materials. (L) Shall not smoke or permit smoking in the Hire Vehicle. (M) Shall keep the Hire Vehicle securely locked at all times when unattended and refrain from any action or omission which may prejudice rights to the Hire Vehicle. (N) Shall not leave the ignition key in the Items of Hire or Vehicle while unoccupied (O) Shall not leave the Vehicle unoccupied without the steering wheel security lock applied, and any valuables out of sight. (P) Shall not make any alterations or additions to the Items of Hire without the prior written consent of (Q) Shall not allow the hired Vehicle to be driven by anyone other than those named in the Hire Agreement and authorised by. (R) Shall ensure that the Driver is fit and capable at all times. (S) Shall ensure that the Driver does not drive the Vehicle when unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed by road traffic legislation local to the location of the Hire Vehicle. (T) Shall ensure that any change of circumstances or the Hirer and/or named driver(s) (e.g. address, driving convictions) are notified to within 24 hours of any such change.